The Year of the “Goblinses”


As I mention in a previous post, I’ve been Distracted By Goblins this year.

So, I painted one little guy to try it out and I liked him so much I painted another of 2 goblins.  Well, apparently I can’t get enough of them.

So, I find myself working on my third goblin painting (fourth actual goblin if you are keeping count).    This one is from my own strange mind.  I starting thinking how fun it would be to make a bunch of goblins, who each had their own personality, skill, job or identity.

I’m going to call the series of characters “The Goblinses” (pronounced: /ˈɡɑb·lən/iz/).  I’ve started with a Goblinses version of the Tooth Fairy.  I guess the Tooth Goblinses?  I’ll work on the title.


I’ve also got a partial list of other Goblinses I can work on for the series.

Tooth Fairy Princess
Witch Playboy Bunny
Book Worm Witch doctor
Doctor Roller Skating
Ninja Skiing
Rock Climber Hang glider
Lovestruck Miner
Vampire Foodie
Cowboy Red Queen
Painter Camping
Mad scientist Sleepy

This is just a start for this, just me playing around with some ideas.   I’d love to hear what ideas other could come up with.  Let me know what you think would make a great Goblinses character as a reply below.