Solving my Identity Crisis


I’ve wanted to re-brand for a long time.  OK, if I’m honest I never really branded in the first place.  So I spent way too long thinking about it before I made any moves.  I drove my friends and family crazy with dozens of different options, names and ideas.  Asked everyone for suggestions and opinions.  And in the ends a combination of that and my own twists on it have come up with a new name for the my art business/ my new identity.


They’ll be some “construction mess” while I’m changing everything over.  But hopefully it will be most improvements along the way.  And I hope to have the updated website done in the next week or so to have it ready BEFORE I vend at Long Beach Zombie Fest on 10/14 & 10/15.





Stupid injuries and the Importance of Ergonomics


So the beginning of this year I was off to a great start.  For Christmas I got a wonderful Wacom Intuos Art pen and touch tablet.  Nearly every day I put in a little time doing various exercises to get used to using it.  Usually sitting at my little roll away computer desk.

I als10307432_1242125455803659_8854180492124437849_no found this daily drawing idea site: EDM Challenge and I was cranking away on the drawings.
Sometimes again at my little roll away desk (not a lot of room – so my arm was hanging off the desk). Other times I was sketching sitting up or laying down in bed.

Well 15 days into the great experiment, I got reminded why you need to set yourself up correctly for things like this.  My left arm was pretty sore. (I’m a lefty)   It took about a week to start feeling better and meant I was forced to take a break.


I’ve done some painting since,though I passed on an invitation to paint with some amazing folks at a party at a gallery.  Though, let’s face it, even without the stupid injury I was just too intimidated and don’t feel I’m quite up to that level yet.   Tonight was the first time I’ve done any real drawing, but that’s for another time.

The best (or worst part) is that this is NOT the dumbest injury I’ve suffered so far this year. . . all 26 days of it.